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ScienceMedia provides a worldwide professional service in digital high-speed imaging.
•  We are professionals wherever digital high-speed cameras or ultra slow motion are concerned.
•  We design & operate highspeed cameras and accessories for many years and were among the very first to specialise in digital high-speed videography since digital systems with adequate picture quality were available.
•  We did build the fist ever digital underwater highspeed camera , capable of shooting more than 2600 fps in HD. We provide highspeed cameras in crash boxes, for remote operation above and under water and light weight and compact systems for operation in remote areas.

Our high-speed camera service includes:
•  Rental of the Phantom Flex high-speed system including an experienced high-speed caman.

•  Rental of a underwater high-speed system equipped with the Phantom Miro or the Phantom Flex.

•  Shooting or production to order:
Order your high-speed shot! Following a detailed description we create the high-speed sequences you need. This includes the necessary location research, organising of the shoot and everything necessary to produce the high-speed sequences you need. That way we have supplied numerous awarded film productions with enthralling high-speed sequences.

Accessories with the high-speed system:
•  flicker free HMI and area lights
•  cold lights
•  an array of prime and special lenses
•  tripods
•  various trigger solutions
•  remote camera operation equipment
•  laptop, computer & software

Rates: please call or send an email.

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